Top Wiggy Sites of 2017

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so that means buying gifts to your loved ones, and looking good for Christmas parties! That’s why I thought I’d do a post about my top wig sites of 2017. These won’t be in order of best to worst, just my favourites compiled into a handy post.

  1. Estellewigsandmore

I discovered this site through depop actually, I bought my first human hair wig from them for £40 and it lasted me 2 years but this year I’ve been buying off them frequently as the quality of these wigs are top notch. I’d say the wigs are slightly more pricey then your sites that sell cosplay wigs but that’s because they sell “fashion” wigs, made for everyday wear.

My favourite wig I’ve bought off them is called Bailey which was a brown to blonde ombre lacefront wig. You can see my review of this wig below.

Bailey Review.


2. Black Candy Fashion Wigs

Black Candy Fashion Wigs HAD to be on this list just because I’ve bought 100’s of wigs off their site over the years. The variety and quality of wigs for the cheap price is brilliant and if your looking for bright lacefronts then this is the place for you.

My favourite wig from Black Candy Fashion would have to be Macchiato, it’s such a gorgeous brown bob that really surprised me that I liked the natural look!


3. Lush Wigs

I’ve been buying off Lush Wigs ever since I’ve been buying wigs and they’ve always been a staple wig site. I haven’t bought much off this site this year but they do have an amazing variety of wigs and I bought an absolute bombshell of a wig this year called Spring Break, and insanely fluffy cute wig that rocks.


4. Venus Wigs

If your looking for high quality gorgeous wigs presented so amazingly then Venus Wigs is your place to be. I ordered from them and I was shocked at the care that’s put into everything, the wigs, the presentation, just wow. My favourite wig from them was Euterpe, which is now no longer sold but you can watch my review and see the quality of everything here.


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Wig Reviews

Why is this hair out of this world? Yes it’s called Nebula, but it’s because it’s GORGEOUS. 

Today we’re reviewing the gorgeous wig from Black Candy Fashion Wigs named Nebula. 

The minute I saw this I knew I had to have it. Purple, ombré and curly. Yes yes yes! The length of this wig is perfect for me, and the waves in this wig are really cute, making it look glamorous for everyday looks and going out at night. 

This wig is officially my most favourite hair on the planet and I’m trying to grow my hair into this style. 

If you want this gorgeous wig click the link below.
Now go buy it and tell them I said hi!

Lush Wigs Saturn Review

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Hello everyone! O today I am going to be doin my little review on a gorgeous wig called Saturn by Lush Wigs

This wig is a lacefront wig and its a gorgeous ombré, starting at black and going down from pink to lilac. The gradient in this ombré is so natural and gorgeous. For a lacefront wig I’m always getting compliments aying they love my hair and asking how I dyed them that colour!

If you want to bag yourself this gorgeous wig then click the link below, and have no worries. If this wig isn’t in stock then simply make an account on their website and add it to your wait list, then you’ll be notified when it uploaded!
Thanks for reading and get yourself gorgeous hair!

Lush Wigs Spring Break

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Hello lovelies. Today I will be talking about my new wig from Lush Wigs called Spring Break!

So this wig is a gorgeous shoulder length curly wig with a sweeping fringe. I bought this wig as (if you’ve been watching my YouTube reviews) I’ve been trying to get into curly wigs because I used to hate them but I’m in love with this one and its the curliest wig I’ve ever owned! 

As you can see from the picture, this wig is a gorgeous caramel honey colour with subtle blonde highlights. If your wanting a natural coloured wig with a splash of pizzaz then this is the wig for you. 

This wig is a synthetic non lacefront wig and its only £24.99, bargain! 

If you want this gorgeous wig then click the link below! If your reading this and its currently not in stock then no fear, Lush Wigs has a snazzy thing on their site where you can make an account and sign up so once its in stock they will notify you when its back!
Thank you for reading and hope you have snazzy hair!

Cashmere by ZellaRoseWigs Review

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Today’s wig I will be reviewing is Cashmere by ZellaRoseWigs.


So this wig (I believe) is a new wig from their site and it is a mix of lilac and grey colours throughout. This wig has a pre-cut full fringe in which is perfect for people like me as I am absolutly rubbish at cutting fringes in wigs. It sits just right on your face so no need to trim it.

The wig is a crimped style, but unlike other crimped wigs I’ve tried it’s a really soft wig, you can run your fingers through it with ease and brushing this wig doesn’t take the crimped style out of it.

Another asset of this wig is that it has a natrual part on the top of the wig, which in my oppinion is a bonus as for full fringed wigs it’s very hard to get such an effect.

If you want this wig it’s at a cracking price of only £22, which is brilliant for the quality and like all of the Zella Rose Wig range there wigs are affordable and really amazing quality.

To buy this wig, click the link below;

Thanks for reading!


Wig Restoration.

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Wig restoration can be a difficult task to do, especially depending on how bad the wig is. Recently I recieved a wig through the post from a girl (who was meant to be a reputable blogger) and it was in an absolute state.


As you can see from the photo, the wig is completely knotted and matted. The condition of this wig was awful and I didn’t want my money to go to waste.

The first step is to try and get as much knots out as possible. Starting from the botom of the wig, gently brush upwards towards the wefts in small stroking motions untill as much of the knots has gone. Starting from the bottom and progressing upwards ensures that more knots aren’t created and the knots already there don’t get worse.

Once you’ve got most of the knots out then it’s time to boil it. Place boiling hot water inside of a washing up bowl/sink and pour about 1-2 capfulls of fabric softner in. Leave for about 10 minutes then take out and put on a wig head until the wig is fully dry. Make sure you don’t brush the wig until it is fully dry then keep repeating this process until the wig is nice and soft.

Once it’s nice and soft it should look nice and new!


I hope this tutorial is helpful for any of you with dillema wigs, if this has been helpful then please give it a share!

Rachael x

Deep End by ZellaRoseWigs Review. 

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Hello everyone. So today we are getting oceany with this gorgeous lacefront I recieved in the post and this one is called Deep End by Zellarosewigs. 

This lacefront is a shoulder length tapered Bob and a side part which can be easily changed. It is a lacefront wig and it has a large lace part, which goes all around your head to ears so the front of this wig can be styled in so many ways, tied up at the top or a mermaidy braid, the possibilities are endless.  

Let’s talk about the colour. Oh the colour. This wig is Tri-Ombré with blacks and blues of all description. The ombré has such a perfect blend to it and makes the wig look so original yet so natural at the same time. 

It can be heat styled up to 180 degrees and this wig is perfect for any mermaid ocean look, also for everyday work!

If you want this wig you can steal it up at the bargain price of £44 which is worth the money from the quality your getting. 

If you want this sea dream, click the link below.
Many thanks! 🐠🐳🐬🐟

Mustard by ZellaRoseWigs Review. 

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BEFORE I START – If you want this wig or any of the gorgeous wigs by Zellarosewigs, I have a discount code for you which is DILLY10 so apply that at the checkout for 10% off!

Hello there beautiful! So today I am going to be talking about a GORGEOUS wig I got in the post and I’m so glad I bought this piece. This wig is called Mustard by Zellarosewigs and it is absolutely to die for, whether it be for fashion use or cosplay. 

This wig is a gorgeous honey mustard colour. I know that some people may think yellow/orange tones are a bit risqué but this colour is just so natural yet unique. 

This wig is 26 inches long and just a lovely texture and feel to it. It’s such a soft wig and the lace part is my favourite. 

This wig is a lacefront wig, meaning that it has a natural looking hairline which can be pulled up and done into many different styles. The way the hair sits makes a perfect sweeping fringe which looks amazing on any face shape. 

This wig is ONLY £40, which for a lacefront wig is such an affordable price, and with this quality you can’t go wrong. 

If you want this gorgeous piece then click the link below. 
Thanks for reading! 

Lush Wigs College Rock Review

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Hello there everyone! So today I am reviewing a wig from Lush Wigs that I have been wanting for absolutely forever and I got it for my birthday!


This gorgeous wig is called College Rock and it’s 45cm long. As you can see in the pictures it has a gorgeous tonal effect with different types of greens and blues going throughout the wig. My favorite bit about this wig is the layers in it, I feel like this is my dream style wig and I’m now on the hunt for more!

At £24.99, you can’t go wrong with this wig so I suggest you snatch it up now!


If you want this wig then click the link below;


Thanks for reading!

Rachael Dilly x


My Top 3 Wig Companies

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Hello there everyone! Today I thought I’d write about a highly requested topic that I’m always asked which is “What’s your favourite wig companies?”.

This list is in no particular order, it’s just the ones I trust and that I know that sell amazing quality wigs!

I chose my top favorite 3 for everyone!

NOTE – This post is not sponsored. I just want to share my views and oppinions!


  1. Lush Wigs


Lush Wigs is always a company close to my heart. There range of wigs is amazing and I give the owner their dues, I struggled to name my rabbit so how they’ve thought up of all the creative names for the wigs is incredible! The site has a feature on it where you can have your own account where you can earn points when buying wigs and it has a wish list section which tells you if the wigs are in stock or not, which is extremely handy!They have a free wig fridays section which is a weekly competition which I love, and an amazing range of standard wigs and lacefronts!


2. Zella Rose Wigs


ZellaRoseWigs has the most gorgeous lacefront wigs I’ve ever laid my eyes on, also at a really amazing price too! The company is run by one of the lovelies ladies I’ve come across and if you want an affordable lacefront then this is the place for you! The shop sells standard wigs, lacefront wigs and all new hair chalk which looks fab on wigs (which I really want to buy).



3. ScaredyBratWigs


ScaredyBratWigs is an amazing company that sells a gorgeous variety of lacefront and standard wigs. All their wigs are amazingly prices and amazing quality. There customer service is fantastic and they also have a wishlist option (which I didn’t realise until now I can’t believe I didn’t know!).



Thanks for reading! Remember to check out these gorgeous wigs and buy all their wigs! Woohoo!