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I'll admit it, I can't stop dying my hair purple. It's my feel-good colour and I feel so cool with it, especially when I can rock my purple eyebrows. When creating the purple hair colour of awesomeness I use Colour Freedom Mystic Purple. This is my go-to hair dye for purple hair for many reasons;… Continue reading COLOUR FREEDOM MYSTIC PURPLE

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Panic At The Disco – Emperors New Clothes Makeup Look

So today I am going to be talking about the look I re-created which is the Devil off the Emperors New Clothes music video from the amazing band Panic At The Disco. If you want to see the original music video then click the link here. The items I used to create this look include… Continue reading Panic At The Disco – Emperors New Clothes Makeup Look

Hair Dye Reviews

Mermaid Hair with Colour Freedom!

Hello everyone! Today I will be discussing how I achieved this GORGEOUS blue colour melt ombre look by using the Truely Blue by Colour Freedom. So if you want to learn how to re-create this gorgeous mermaid hair then keep on reading! So the first vital step to achieving this look is to have a… Continue reading Mermaid Hair with Colour Freedom!

Hair Dye Reviews


Hello everyone! So today I am giving a certain product a second chance because I feel like being nice for a change, hehe! So long story short the product I am giving a second chance is Colour Freedom Hair Dye! So last time I used this product it was a disaster, Instead of having lovely… Continue reading Colour Freedom SECOND CHANCE REVIEW!

Hair Dye Reviews

How to tone/achieve Lilac/Pastel Purple Hair.

Hey everyone, today I'm going to explain how to achieve lilac/pastel purple hair. Here is the video on how I achieved the look, and I shall explain how I achieved the look below; Firstly YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE LIGHT BLONDE/PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR! I cannot express how much this is an essential. If you… Continue reading How to tone/achieve Lilac/Pastel Purple Hair.

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Atlantic Blue Hair

Hey everybody, here's a little post about Atlantic Blue Hair. Now this is a very old video but I'm trying to do tutorials on each time I've done my hair so I hope this helps! Basically, When I did this I put the dye on over faded blue hair, but the best way to… Continue reading Atlantic Blue Hair