Tech Review – Philips SHB3075 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Tech Review

So I was kindly sent a pair of Philips headphones to review and I am so thankful for them being sent to me.

These headphones are wireless on ear headphones, and I’m always very wary of wireless headphones because I’ve always had problems with them before but I’ve finally found a pair that work really well.


The headphones are connected via bluetooth and you can answer calls on them. They can be connected to a variety of devices, from your phone to your ipad and computer. The headphones are very comfortable and have an extendable band, so they can be stretched for larger headed people like me.

The sound quality is my favourite part because it’s an excellent quality and the thing I love is that no matter what percentage the battery is on the headphones quality is consistent. I normally have my phone in my bike basket and headphones on so they have great connectivity.

The headphones have swivelling ear shells for perfect comfort and I couldn’t ask for a better pair. 20258428_161375877742162_5062534102715493655_n


£1 Lipsticks?!? Freedom Pro Lipstick Review 

Makeup Reviews

If I said to you £1 lipsticks that are good, what would you say? 

I am always on the hunt for cheap makeup that’s good quality. I feel like sometimes these makeup brands that sell lipsticks for £20-£30 are sometimes not as good as £1-£5 lipsticks, so getting a bargain and looking good is top priority. 

I recently doodled into Superdrug (which I shouldn’t because I buy too much) and I saw 5 lipsticks for £5. Ofcourse I had to buy them, so let’s test them out!

These lipsticks are Freedom Makeup and they are called Pro Lipsticks. They didn’t have much information so I’ll try to describe my feelings on them as well as possible. 

The lipsticks came in a box and they are different shades from dark red to hot pink. 

So these are the shades that come in the box. They seem pretty standard sizes for lipsticks and it didn’t specify whether they were Matt/gloss so let’s test them out!

So this is the shades swatched with the flash on. 

Then these are swatches without the flash on. They seem more Matt when applied but they are very smooth once on, where as compared to the MUA LUXE Matt lip lacquer is very stiff once applied. 

My honest opinion is varying on the shades. I found the darkest shades are the most pigmented and the lightest shades are… a fail. So if you want some good dark lipsticks then bag yourself this!

Why I Don’t Wear Fur.


Hey there everyone. So today’s chat is about why I don’t wear animal fur or support the fur trade. I feel like this is a very controversial topic sometimes but I hope this will be an interesting read.

Ever since I can remember, the thought of animal fur has made me feel uncomfortable.  I remember watching films when I was little seeing characters walking over fur rugs and I always remember having a friend who has a large taxidermy fox in her bathroom and it always made me feel uneasy. I used to think “Why would you want a dead animal in your house?”.

As I got older I realised the practice of getting fur for fashion and it made me feel sick the things that go into it. I’m not going to put graphic  things in this post as that’s not the point of it, but I just couldn’t understand how people could kill an animal for fashion.

Faux fur is my favorite thing ever. I’ve had a faux fur rug for years and it’s so fluffy. From researching fashion and knowing how fur coats are known as luxury items I wanted to get a staple fashion piece but knew I could do it without harming any animals.


So here’s my faux fur coat. Its so warm and looks really good. It didn’t hurt any animals and it was an affordable price. If you like this coat, or are looking for a really well made faux fur coat then go check out Asos and their range of faux fur coats.


Hope this was an interesting read!

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder Review

Makeup Reviews

Hello there everyone! Today I am going to be doing a mini review on MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder. I have been wanting to do a review on this for absolutely ages and I’ve finally got round to it, hurrah!


I’ve used the highlighter on the picture above taken with my DSLR (so you can see how bad I apply all my makeup) but I have applied the highlighter on my cheekbones and my brow bone.

The shimmer in this highlighter is just to die for and a little goes a long way. If you want a really intense glow then you can apply over and over again for an intense highlight.

This product is only £3. Yes, £3!!! I got this from superdrug and I’m definatly going to buy more because at that price it’s such a high quality product and I feel it’s the best one I’ve used so far.

If you want this highlighter then check in your nearest superdrug!


Simple Facial Wipes Review #FEELGOODSKIN

Makeup Reviews

Hello there everyone, so today I will be reviewing the simple facial wipes for the first time ever! I’ve never tried these before until now and I am please to say I was pleasantly surprised!

So this is all the makeup these wipes had to get off. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner, foundation, gelled brows and oily skin.

This was my skin after one wipe! I’ve had oily skin really bad recently and my spots are incredible but using one facial wipe I got rid off all mascara and eyeliner and brows easily. It’s made my skin feel really smooth and non oily as well which I LOVE.

I give these wipes 10/10!

Cashmere by ZellaRoseWigs Review

Wig Reviews

Today’s wig I will be reviewing is Cashmere by ZellaRoseWigs.


So this wig (I believe) is a new wig from their site and it is a mix of lilac and grey colours throughout. This wig has a pre-cut full fringe in which is perfect for people like me as I am absolutly rubbish at cutting fringes in wigs. It sits just right on your face so no need to trim it.

The wig is a crimped style, but unlike other crimped wigs I’ve tried it’s a really soft wig, you can run your fingers through it with ease and brushing this wig doesn’t take the crimped style out of it.

Another asset of this wig is that it has a natrual part on the top of the wig, which in my oppinion is a bonus as for full fringed wigs it’s very hard to get such an effect.

If you want this wig it’s at a cracking price of only £22, which is brilliant for the quality and like all of the Zella Rose Wig range there wigs are affordable and really amazing quality.

To buy this wig, click the link below;

Thanks for reading!


W7 In The Night Pallette Look.

Makeup Reviews

For a eyeshadow pallette that only cost £5, you can get quite a lot of looks from this. _vyr_2806in-the-night.jpg

In this palette you get 12 different shadows, including 3 smokey dark colours, whites, reds, gorgeous purple and all of these can make several looks that are dependant on different colours.


The look I created with this palette is a sensational purple and pink smokey look. The look involved the 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th colour in the palette (going from left to right). For a cheap palette the shades aren’t highly pigmented but when applying them you can create a gorgeous look. I used the 6th and 7th shade around the outer eyelid and crease making a smoked out purple. I then used the 8th pink shade around the mobile eyelid and slightly over the eyelid to make a bright base. I then used the 4th colour in the middle of the mobile eyelid making the eyes pop out.


I hope you enjoy this look and I would seriously reccomend getting this palette because for the price you can’t go wrong!


Thanks for reading, please share!

Wig Restoration.

Life Hacks


Wig restoration can be a difficult task to do, especially depending on how bad the wig is. Recently I recieved a wig through the post from a girl (who was meant to be a reputable blogger) and it was in an absolute state.


As you can see from the photo, the wig is completely knotted and matted. The condition of this wig was awful and I didn’t want my money to go to waste.

The first step is to try and get as much knots out as possible. Starting from the botom of the wig, gently brush upwards towards the wefts in small stroking motions untill as much of the knots has gone. Starting from the bottom and progressing upwards ensures that more knots aren’t created and the knots already there don’t get worse.

Once you’ve got most of the knots out then it’s time to boil it. Place boiling hot water inside of a washing up bowl/sink and pour about 1-2 capfulls of fabric softner in. Leave for about 10 minutes then take out and put on a wig head until the wig is fully dry. Make sure you don’t brush the wig until it is fully dry then keep repeating this process until the wig is nice and soft.

Once it’s nice and soft it should look nice and new!


I hope this tutorial is helpful for any of you with dillema wigs, if this has been helpful then please give it a share!

Rachael x

Keeping your Bunny cool in the summer.

Life Hacks

Hello there everyone! So today I thought I’d write a post showing my tips and tricks on keeping your bunny cool in the summer season. Now in the UK we’ve just had 2-3 days of intense heat (which is very unusual) and my poor bunny is very fluffy so keeping her cool and hydrated is very high priority.

Figuring out whether your rabbit is getting hot and overheated is pretty simple and there’s a few signs you should look out for;

  1. Ears. A easy indicator whether your bunny is getting too hot is to feel their ears. If the inside of their ears is extremely hot then it’s time to cool the bun down!
  2. Loss of appetite. If you’re trying to give your bunny it’s food or even it’s favorite treats and it’s just not eating anything then it can be an indicator whether your bunny’s hot.
  3. Weak/Slow. If your bunny is really slow or seems exhausted then this is a sign of it being overheated.
  4. Acting confused. Now this could be a tricky one to detect because my bunny is daft as a brush, but if your bunny is just flopped over, uninterested in attention or playing then it could be a sign of overheating.



Now it can be tricky to cool down your rabbit in such hot temperatures, especially if your rabbit is an outdoors rabbit so here’s my top tricks to cooling them down.

  1. Icy socks. Yes, you’re reading that correct. Icy socks is a quick easy way to cool down the bunny in such hot temperatures. Obviously you don’t want to give them an ice cube straight out the tray as it’ll melt everywhere and make their fur wet so putting several ice cubes inside a sock and tying the top up is a cool ‘cushion’ for your rabbit to flop over on and to feel the cool cubes.
  2. Icy bottle. This is a great idea I thought of and it’s so simple but so effective. Filling up a bottle of water and placing it in your freezer. Obviously it will take a long time for all the water to freeze but if you do this at night when the weather forcast is saying high temperatures the next day the bottle should be fully frozen. Simply place it into your rabbit’s hutch or run and it’s a perfect cooler for your bun to flop out on.
  3. Shade. Shade is your bunny’s friend (if your rabbit is an outdoor rabbit). Making sure your rabbit’s hutch isn’t in direct sunlight is essential in your rabbits welfare as temperatures could rocket in their hutches and bedrooms and they’ll be stuck in a furnace of a hutch. Moving the hutch into a shady area will be a top step to a cool bunny. In our case, we moved the rabbit hutch under a big tree which is constantly shady throughout the day so whilst at work the bunny is nice and cool.
  4. Constant fresh food supply. Making sure your rabbit is eating lots is essential in keeping your bunny hydrated. Foods including celery or watermelon is a good tasty treat for your rabbit which is full of water keeping them hydrated.
  5. A good brush. If your rabbit is very fluffy like mine is then brushing them can even help get rid of excess fur and keep them nice and cool.

So that’s my top tips of keeping your bunny nice and cool in the hot summer, I hope this is helpful!

If you want to see my bunny and more pictures then follow her on instagram! @poppythebestbunny


Deep End by ZellaRoseWigs Review. 

Wig Reviews

Hello everyone. So today we are getting oceany with this gorgeous lacefront I recieved in the post and this one is called Deep End by Zellarosewigs. 

This lacefront is a shoulder length tapered Bob and a side part which can be easily changed. It is a lacefront wig and it has a large lace part, which goes all around your head to ears so the front of this wig can be styled in so many ways, tied up at the top or a mermaidy braid, the possibilities are endless.  

Let’s talk about the colour. Oh the colour. This wig is Tri-Ombré with blacks and blues of all description. The ombré has such a perfect blend to it and makes the wig look so original yet so natural at the same time. 

It can be heat styled up to 180 degrees and this wig is perfect for any mermaid ocean look, also for everyday work!

If you want this wig you can steal it up at the bargain price of £44 which is worth the money from the quality your getting. 

If you want this sea dream, click the link below.
Many thanks! 🐠🐳🐬🐟