Hair Dye Reviews

It’s annoying when your hair dye doesn’t go the colour you want, but dying it and it not working at all, or turning the same colour as a pile of sick is even worse. 

I took absolutely ages to get my hair blonde so I can dye it bright colours. I thought I’d try out the new Pick & Mix dyed from Superdrug, soon has they had an array of bright colours. 

From reading the packaging it sounds like a really amazing product. It’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans, it’s cruelty free and lasts for 3-10 washes so me wanting to change it loads of times sounds a brilliant idea!

The colours I used was red and violet. 

Here’s the red result after one wash. 

What. On. Earth. Happened. The roots are coral and the ends are just a faded mess. I was so disappointed, so I gave it a good scrub till it was all the same colour as the ends and put the purple on. 

My hair turned into vomit. It’s a mix of the colour of Parma violet sweets and the colour of Doc Browns coat in the first back to the future. My hair is ruined. 

I’m so disappointed in these products and it’s such a shame as they seem a brilliant idea just the formula is an absolute flop. 
I hope this helps if your interested in buying these as when I looked up reviews I couldn’t find anything. 



Wig Reviews

Why is this hair out of this world? Yes it’s called Nebula, but it’s because it’s GORGEOUS. 

Today we’re reviewing the gorgeous wig from Black Candy Fashion Wigs named Nebula. 

The minute I saw this I knew I had to have it. Purple, ombré and curly. Yes yes yes! The length of this wig is perfect for me, and the waves in this wig are really cute, making it look glamorous for everyday looks and going out at night. 

This wig is officially my most favourite hair on the planet and I’m trying to grow my hair into this style. 

If you want this gorgeous wig click the link below. 

Now go buy it and tell them I said hi!


Hair Dye Reviews

I’ll admit it, I can’t stop dying my hair purple. It’s my feel-good colour and I feel so cool with it, especially when I can rock my purple eyebrows.


When creating the purple hair colour of awesomeness I use Colour Freedom Mystic Purple. This is my go-to hair dye for purple hair for many reasons; brightness, longevity, shade.


It’s normally £6.99 at Superdrug, but sometimes they have sales on which is even better.

So go buy yourself some. Taste the ribena, BE the ribena.

Lush Wigs Saturn Review

Wig Reviews

Hello everyone! O today I am going to be doin my little review on a gorgeous wig called Saturn by Lush Wigs

This wig is a lacefront wig and its a gorgeous ombré, starting at black and going down from pink to lilac. The gradient in this ombré is so natural and gorgeous. For a lacefront wig I’m always getting compliments aying they love my hair and asking how I dyed them that colour!

If you want to bag yourself this gorgeous wig then click the link below, and have no worries. If this wig isn’t in stock then simply make an account on their website and add it to your wait list, then you’ll be notified when it uploaded!

Thanks for reading and get yourself gorgeous hair!

Schwarzkopf Purple Punk Live Review

Hair Dye Reviews

Hello there everyone. So today I will be reviewing the Schwarzkopf Live Purple punk colour and needless to say… It is not purple..

I bought this in the hope of having vivid purple hair without having to spend a lot of money and I guess you buy cheap you buy twice. My hair was a beautiful blonde colour and I was really hopeful when dying it soon as it had the perfect base it dye on.

I wasn’t really impressed that there was only 50cl in the box. For the price you could get a pot of directions with much more in. The consistency of this was really thick and hard to apply.

The finished result… Pink.



It was meant to be purple! So I rate this dye 1/10.

W7 In The Night Pallette Look.

Makeup Reviews

For a eyeshadow pallette that only cost £5, you can get quite a lot of looks from this. _vyr_2806in-the-night.jpg

In this palette you get 12 different shadows, including 3 smokey dark colours, whites, reds, gorgeous purple and all of these can make several looks that are dependant on different colours.


The look I created with this palette is a sensational purple and pink smokey look. The look involved the 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th colour in the palette (going from left to right). For a cheap palette the shades aren’t highly pigmented but when applying them you can create a gorgeous look. I used the 6th and 7th shade around the outer eyelid and crease making a smoked out purple. I then used the 8th pink shade around the mobile eyelid and slightly over the eyelid to make a bright base. I then used the 4th colour in the middle of the mobile eyelid making the eyes pop out.


I hope you enjoy this look and I would seriously reccomend getting this palette because for the price you can’t go wrong!


Thanks for reading, please share!

Cocktail Review by Geishawigs!

Wig Reviews

Hello everyone! So today I thought I’d do a review about Cocktail by Geishawigs.

Now I’ve been thinking about what am I going to do once Geishawigs closes down as most of my posts on here are about Geishawigs wigs, and I have a genius idea, I’ll review wigs! I’ve been looking around the internet for wigs websites and I’ve found quite a few that have geishawigs dupe wigs on that I will buy and review to see if they are the same quality of geishawigs, fingers crossed they will be as I’ll cry *boohoo*.


So Cockatil is this absolutely gorgeous pink and purple ombre wig. The colours are so vivid as you can see in the picture above, that photo is without any editing (also on my snazzy new camera, woohoo)! The wig when I got was curly but to my surprise I actually liked the curls. Now for those who have been following me on this blog for some time you know that I don’t like curly wigs, but this one was al right! I think maybe because they were more like beachy waves on this wig maybe? Either way I ended up straightening up and it didn’t straighten very well, it’s still wavy.  The length of this wig is 65cm so it’s just past shoulder length and it has a set middle partnering.


Now due to Geishawigs closing down you won’t be able to get this wig off their website but as soon as I find a dupe for this wig I will post it below, as I will be buying another!

Thankyou for reading! x

How to tone/achieve Lilac/Pastel Purple Hair.

Hair Dye Reviews

Hey everyone, today I’m going to explain how to achieve lilac/pastel purple hair.

Here is the video on how I achieved the look, and I shall explain how I achieved the look below;

Firstly YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE LIGHT BLONDE/PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR! I cannot express how much this is an essential. If you are toning your hair for the first time it needs to be as light as possible or else it will not work. Now as my hair was pretty pastel anyway I was just topping up the colour.

The dye I used is ‘Violet’ by Directions. This is normally a rich bright purple colour so when creating the toner I put around half a teaspoon of dye into conditioner. The conditioner I used is Alberto Basain Coconut Conditioner, which I have used for months because of it’s really good nourishing ingredients inside. Now in the video I put it on lightly and combed the dye through, but the 2nd time I did it I just slapped it all on and found it applied on easier.

I hope you enjoy this video and blog post!