Pink Hair Extravaganza!

Hair Dye Reviews

So were here again, another hair dye post, yay?

Sometimes I dye hair and I just really reeeaaaaly like the way it looks so I want to share it with you guys, that’s cool? Okey dokey. SO! We have gone pink, but when I say pink, I mean shout it in your face or off the rooftops (not lostprophets style) Pink.


So to create this look I used Colour Freedom’s Pink pizazz hair dye. Now if you’ve been following me for a while now you know that I am religious when it comes to Colour Freedom. There excellent when it comes to colour, quantity and value.

If you want to buy some from Superdrug (which I recommend because then you get Superdrug points and more money to buy more hair dye) then click the link below.



Lush Wigs Saturn Review

Wig Reviews

Hello everyone! O today I am going to be doin my little review on a gorgeous wig called Saturn by Lush Wigs

This wig is a lacefront wig and its a gorgeous ombré, starting at black and going down from pink to lilac. The gradient in this ombré is so natural and gorgeous. For a lacefront wig I’m always getting compliments aying they love my hair and asking how I dyed them that colour!

If you want to bag yourself this gorgeous wig then click the link below, and have no worries. If this wig isn’t in stock then simply make an account on their website and add it to your wait list, then you’ll be notified when it uploaded!
Thanks for reading and get yourself gorgeous hair!

W7 In The Night Pallette Look.

Makeup Reviews

For a eyeshadow pallette that only cost £5, you can get quite a lot of looks from this. _vyr_2806in-the-night.jpg

In this palette you get 12 different shadows, including 3 smokey dark colours, whites, reds, gorgeous purple and all of these can make several looks that are dependant on different colours.


The look I created with this palette is a sensational purple and pink smokey look. The look involved the 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th colour in the palette (going from left to right). For a cheap palette the shades aren’t highly pigmented but when applying them you can create a gorgeous look. I used the 6th and 7th shade around the outer eyelid and crease making a smoked out purple. I then used the 8th pink shade around the mobile eyelid and slightly over the eyelid to make a bright base. I then used the 4th colour in the middle of the mobile eyelid making the eyes pop out.


I hope you enjoy this look and I would seriously reccomend getting this palette because for the price you can’t go wrong!


Thanks for reading, please share!

Blush by ZellaRoseWigs

Wig Reviews

Hey everyone! So today I will be talking about a wig I bought from someone on Depop which is Blush by ZellaRoseWigs! Soon as I received this wig in a bad condition, I will be talking about the wig as a whole not so I can’t comment on it brand new!


So after fixing all the knots in this wig (from the seller not the company) the wig is just gorgeous. This wig is uber long and it’s a perfect subtle pink/salmon colour with blonde highlights.

I got the curls as good as it can get (due to the seller state) but they are subtle waves and you can see that in the pictures on the site. For someone like me who hates tight curls this wig is perfect from the waves in it.

The fringe and parting it an excellent quality, I love the fact it has a skin parting on it where as most synthetic wigs they don’t have one so this is a great feature in the wig.

I’d seriously reccomend this wig, it’s so pretty it’ll make you blush! (Get it? Lol). Also for £22 this wig is an absolute bargain, in my opinion it’s worth more then that price.

If you want to buy this gorgeous wig the link is below;


Thanks for reading!


Rachael x


Milkshake Review by LushWigs!

Wig Reviews

Hello everyone! So today we are going to be reviewing Milkshake by Lush Wigs!

Now Milkshake is my first bob wig from Lush Wigs (if you exclude noir, which is a curly wig) and I was very reluctant in buying her. To be completely honest, I only bought her on compulsion butt I am so glad I did.

She is a suttle pink bob and I can honestly say it is the smoothest wig I have ever received from them. I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks now and it’s not knotted at all and it’s such a cute little wig, I’ve had this wig for months now and it’s still amazingly thick! The only thing I hate is that I want to buy more bob wigs!

If you want this wig it’s only £24.99 and well worth the price!

If you want this wig then click the link below;

Thanks for reading x


Hair Dye Reviews

Hello everyone! So today I am giving a certain product a second chance because I feel like being nice for a change, hehe! So long story short the product I am giving a second chance is Colour Freedom Hair Dye! So last time I used this product it was a disaster, Instead of having lovely red hair I turned into a orange, Literally a giant orange! Sot his time I used the colour ‘Pink Pizzazz’ which is a purple pink colour, instead of choosing the magenta colour which has a more orangey tone to it, in the mind frame of that If I use a colour that doesn’t have an orange tint in it won’t go as orange? My colour Logic is appalling, but hey ho!

Less blabbering about the colour spectrum, I filmed the whole experience so if you can’t be bothered to read all of this, then you can click the link below;

Bearing in mind I dyed my hair when It was purple I thought this would help make it not go orange as I feel I’m scarred from the last experience, it looked like this.


After leaving the hair dye on for 30 minutes and washing it out, the colour came out like this.


So as you can see it didn’t go bright pink but that is to be expected when my hair was purple in the first place but in the sun it is a vivid pink colour and I’m really impress with the result… BUT it has dyed my natural hair at the sides, me being a messy dyer got some on the sides of my head where my natural brown hair is and now I have vivid pink spots everywhere… So atleast we now know the dye works on natural hair!

Thankyou for reading, hope you enjoy my second review!

Cocktail Review by Geishawigs!

Wig Reviews

Hello everyone! So today I thought I’d do a review about Cocktail by Geishawigs.

Now I’ve been thinking about what am I going to do once Geishawigs closes down as most of my posts on here are about Geishawigs wigs, and I have a genius idea, I’ll review wigs! I’ve been looking around the internet for wigs websites and I’ve found quite a few that have geishawigs dupe wigs on that I will buy and review to see if they are the same quality of geishawigs, fingers crossed they will be as I’ll cry *boohoo*.


So Cockatil is this absolutely gorgeous pink and purple ombre wig. The colours are so vivid as you can see in the picture above, that photo is without any editing (also on my snazzy new camera, woohoo)! The wig when I got was curly but to my surprise I actually liked the curls. Now for those who have been following me on this blog for some time you know that I don’t like curly wigs, but this one was al right! I think maybe because they were more like beachy waves on this wig maybe? Either way I ended up straightening up and it didn’t straighten very well, it’s still wavy.  The length of this wig is 65cm so it’s just past shoulder length and it has a set middle partnering.


Now due to Geishawigs closing down you won’t be able to get this wig off their website but as soon as I find a dupe for this wig I will post it below, as I will be buying another!

Thankyou for reading! x