Lush Wigs Saturn Review

Hello everyone! O today I am going to be doin my little review on a gorgeous wig called Saturn by Lush Wigs This wig is a lacefront wig and its a gorgeous ombré, starting at black and going down from pink to lilac. The gradient in this ombré is so natural and gorgeous. For a... Continue Reading →


W7 In The Night Pallette Look.

For a eyeshadow pallette that only cost £5, you can get quite a lot of looks from this.  In this palette you get 12 different shadows, including 3 smokey dark colours, whites, reds, gorgeous purple and all of these can make several looks that are dependant on different colours. The look I created with this... Continue Reading →

Blush by ZellaRoseWigs

Hey everyone! So today I will be talking about a wig I bought from someone on Depop which is Blush by ZellaRoseWigs! Soon as I received this wig in a bad condition, I will be talking about the wig as a whole not so I can't comment on it brand new! So after fixing all... Continue Reading →

Milkshake Review by LushWigs!

Hello everyone! So today we are going to be reviewing Milkshake by Lush Wigs! Now Milkshake is my first bob wig from Lush Wigs (if you exclude noir, which is a curly wig) and I was very reluctant in buying her. To be completely honest, I only bought her on compulsion butt I am so glad I... Continue Reading →

Cocktail Review by Geishawigs!

Hello everyone! So today I thought I'd do a review about Cocktail by Geishawigs. Now I've been thinking about what am I going to do once Geishawigs closes down as most of my posts on here are about Geishawigs wigs, and I have a genius idea, I'll review wigs! I've been looking around the internet... Continue Reading →

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