Lush Wigs Saturn Review

Wig Reviews

Hello everyone! O today I am going to be doin my little review on a gorgeous wig called Saturn by Lush Wigs

This wig is a lacefront wig and its a gorgeous ombré, starting at black and going down from pink to lilac. The gradient in this ombré is so natural and gorgeous. For a lacefront wig I’m always getting compliments aying they love my hair and asking how I dyed them that colour!

If you want to bag yourself this gorgeous wig then click the link below, and have no worries. If this wig isn’t in stock then simply make an account on their website and add it to your wait list, then you’ll be notified when it uploaded!
Thanks for reading and get yourself gorgeous hair!


Lush Wigs College Rock Review

Wig Reviews

Hello there everyone! So today I am reviewing a wig from Lush Wigs that I have been wanting for absolutely forever and I got it for my birthday!


This gorgeous wig is called College Rock and it’s 45cm long. As you can see in the pictures it has a gorgeous tonal effect with different types of greens and blues going throughout the wig. My favorite bit about this wig is the layers in it, I feel like this is my dream style wig and I’m now on the hunt for more!

At £24.99, you can’t go wrong with this wig so I suggest you snatch it up now!


If you want this wig then click the link below;


Thanks for reading!

Rachael Dilly x