£1 Lipsticks?!? Freedom Pro Lipstick Review 

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If I said to you £1 lipsticks that are good, what would you say? 

I am always on the hunt for cheap makeup that’s good quality. I feel like sometimes these makeup brands that sell lipsticks for £20-£30 are sometimes not as good as £1-£5 lipsticks, so getting a bargain and looking good is top priority. 

I recently doodled into Superdrug (which I shouldn’t because I buy too much) and I saw 5 lipsticks for £5. Ofcourse I had to buy them, so let’s test them out!

These lipsticks are Freedom Makeup and they are called Pro Lipsticks. They didn’t have much information so I’ll try to describe my feelings on them as well as possible. 

The lipsticks came in a box and they are different shades from dark red to hot pink. 

So these are the shades that come in the box. They seem pretty standard sizes for lipsticks and it didn’t specify whether they were Matt/gloss so let’s test them out!

So this is the shades swatched with the flash on. 

Then these are swatches without the flash on. They seem more Matt when applied but they are very smooth once on, where as compared to the MUA LUXE Matt lip lacquer is very stiff once applied. 

My honest opinion is varying on the shades. I found the darkest shades are the most pigmented and the lightest shades are… a fail. So if you want some good dark lipsticks then bag yourself this!


My First Birchbox 

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When I first found Birchbox I honestly thought it would be too good to be true. My experiences with subscription boxes have been bad every time so I thought I would give one last chance to Birchbox. 

Birchbox is a subscription service of £10 a month of makeup and beauty goodies and you can personalise your subscription by putting in your likes. 

So to my box..

I was so surprised about the quality of this box. You recieve a patterned box and your goodies in a bag, which really makes the whole experience feel Ike effort was put in.

As you can see from the photo this is my box and now I’ll talk about each item. 

The first item is this Instant Lift Primer. This item retails for a whopping £22! This protect says “You might not be able to get rid of pores entirely, but you can certainly blur the lines! This 99% natural blend of hyaluronic acid and acacia gum tightens and diffuses for smoother, refined, skin”.

This item is the Santorini Vine Shower Gel, retailing at £8. This product says “first up let’s talk about the scent! Fresh and fruity, its the ultimate morning pick-me-up. Bonus? This stuff is packed with nourishing wheat proteins to help moisturise your skin while it cleanses!”

This product is the Batiste 2-in-1 invisible dry shampoo and conditioner retailing at £4.49. This product says ” if you love the way that dry shampoo extends those in between wash days but hate how it dries your hair out, your in luck! This new formula refreshes roots and nourished dry ends for happy hair”. 

This product is an Birchbox exclusive called Marcelle Gentle Makeup Remover that retails at £14.50. This product says “whisk away all traces of makeup easily with this soothing and de-puffing blend of cucumber and green tea. It’s hypoallergenic too!” 

This last product is the Benefit Theyre Real! Double the lip in lusty rose, retailing at £16.50. This product says “Featuring an innovative custom teardrop tip, with a liner at the top and long lasting lipstick at the bottom, this two in one formula delivers vibrant colours for fuller lips”. 
From getting all these products I will be keeping my subscription for birch box and I can’t wait to get my next one! If you want one then I have a code to get £5 of your first box which is nearly 50% of! Just click the link below. 

I hoped you enjoyed my little review and get yourself one!!

Rimmel London Provocalips Review

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Hello there everyone! Today I am going to be reviewing the Rimmel London Provocalips Lip Colours. I will be reviewing 3 shades, including shades; Not Guilty (Dark Red), Skinny Dipping (Nude Brown), and Dare To Pink (Baby Pink).

These lip colours are generally £6.99 and this lip colour is available in 11 Shades.


The lip colour comes with 2 Parts. Part 1 is an ‘Intense Colour’, and part 2 is a ‘Lock and Shine’ which is a clear cover.

To use these lip colours there are 2 steps. Step 1 is to colour your lips, let them dry for 1 minute, then apply Step 2 which is to lock and give shine.

A short description for these colours are;

‘Provocalips delivers hi-impact 16HR endless colour with a delectably glossy finish. It’s kiss-proof, food-proof and transfer-proof, only coming off when you want it to. An exclusive 2 step product so incredibly lightweight and flexible and adapts to the movement of your lips. 1 intense colour 2 lock and shine’. –Boots.



When swatching these colours on my hand without the lock and shine (Left to right, Skinny Dipping, Dare to pink, Not Guilty), the pigment of these colours are beautiful. There incredibly glossy and look like they have a glitter type finish to them which I love.


This shade above is Skinny Dipping with the Lock and Shine applied on top of the colour. I feel like it’s a lovely colour but when applying the lock and shine it smudges the colour on the lips (hense the blotchiness) and makes the lipstick feel sticky and tacky.


This shade above is Dare To Pink with the Lock and Shine applied on top of the colour. I feel like this is the best shade out of the 3 I tested and when applying the lock and Shine gave it a cute glossy effect.


The shade above is Not Guilty with the Lock and Shine applied on top of the colour. This colour was the worst out of the 3 when applying the lock and shine as you can see in the above picture it made all the lipstick uneven and smudgy looking. Using this lip colour without the lock and shine is much better and gives a great lipstick.

For the longevity of the lipsticks, I feel they last ages IF you don’t eat or drink with the lipstick. The lipstick actually stays on better when not using the lock and shine on the lipstick.

Giving these lipsticks a rating out of 5, I’d rate it 2.5 out of 5 as they have great colours but not very good longevity.

Thanks for reading!


Rachael Dilly x