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Colour Freedom kindly sent me a giant bundle of hairdye to create my own rainbow hairstyle and my creative mind was set alight.

The wig I ordered was a Sleek human hair wig in shade 613, which was a more yellow blonde then white blonde as described but still light enough to dye. If you want to see the wig I bought for this then click on the link.


So going from top to bottom, I used Crimson red, pink pizzazz, mystic purple, truely blue, tropical aqua. I tried to make a ombre type look that was still rainbow.

I did a tutorial on how I created this look so click the link below.


I hope you enjoyed this little post and I’ll see you in the next one!


John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Hairdye Review

Hair Dye Reviews

Hello there everyone! So today I will be doing a review on the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour hairdye. Now it’s the first time I’ve ever used a John Frieda product so I was very curious on the quality of the product and the colour result.

Now I applied this hair dye over my hair which was a mix of blue, purple and red tones so I wasn’t expecting a great result in the first place.

So the shade I used was 5B Medium Chocolate Brown. I really wanted a rich chocolate vibe in my hair and it achieved that exact perfect result.

The hair dye is a foam dye, so after mixing the developer you squeeze the bottle and the hair dye is a foam consistency which is so easy for application. I found it was so much easier applying it so my hair because it’s very short and when applying hair dye with a brush I find it dyes my scalp which looks very silly, whereas this hair dye didn’t and gave a such thick yet even coverage with such a rich colour.


This is the finished result!

If you want to look at the hair dye and all the shades they supply then click the link below.



Thankyou for reading!

Nuclear by Revenge Wigs Review!

Wig Reviews

Hello everyone! So today I am reviewing yet another gorgeous wig from Revenge Wigs, this one being called Nuclear, and nuclear it is!

Now I have been hunting this wig down for absolutely ages and I DID order it from wig supplier but it didn’t turn up, then as soon as I saw they were going to be selling it at some point I was ecstatic!  I’d like to think I was the first person to order this wig, but I’ll  just keep that in my head.


There are no words that can describe how amazing this wig is. Firstly the colours. It’s got gorgeous green and yellow highlights all over the wig which makes the wig very tonal, the length is a perfect cute shoulder length and then the subtle curls just make it look even more natural. 

The style of this wig is a funky side partnering, and I just wish that there was a lacefront version to this wig as it’s just an amazingly funky wig.


  • This wig is made out of heat resistant synthetic fibre so it can be heated up to 180 degrees maximum.
  • The length is 40cm approximately which is my perfect length wig.
  • It also has adjustable straps inside so can fit various head sizes! 
  • The price of this wig is £22.95.


If you want to buy this gorgeous green hair then click the link below;


Thankyou for reading and hope you continue to stay tuned!

Love Rachael x


Mermaid Hair with Colour Freedom!

Hair Dye Reviews

Hello everyone! Today I will be discussing how I achieved this GORGEOUS blue colour melt ombre look by using the Truely Blue by Colour Freedom.


So if you want to learn how to re-create this gorgeous mermaid hair then keep on reading!

So the first vital step to achieving this look is to have a good base to put the colours on. The blonder the better, but when doing this process please make sure NOT to over bleach/colour remove your hair. As much as bright colours are gorgeous, no one wants a damaged mane of hair. I did this look on a wig, but it is as easy on your own head, I’d say easier on your own hair as your not trying to balance a polystyrene head on a camera tripod when dying the hair!


This is the base colour I had to work with then putting the blue on. If you want to see the video of how I turned it from a yellow to a cool blonde check out the link.

So starting with this blank canvas of blonde hair is the first step. the second step is mixing the colours. Now as stated earlier, I used the Truely Blue by Colour Freedom and I mixed the colour up with conditioner in different ratio’s. For the lighter blue, I’d say 4-5 parts conditioner 1 part dye. And for the roots I used 1 part conditioner 1 part dye. You can guesstimate what colour it will turn out by the colour of the dye when mixing. If it’s really white or the lightest blue possible, it’ll be really light. If it’s deep and dark blue, it’ll be a deep dark blue. So my main colour was a minty blue colour, and my root colour was a dark blue, looking very similar to what the dye looks like on it’s own but more of a runny consistency to it.

Next step is application. I did the main colour first, separating the hair into layers and dying, missing out the roots. DYE THE TIPS WITH YOUR MAIN COLOUR. This is important, just do it, trust me. When it comes to separating the hair, I do it just in layers like I’m separating towels, painting each towel and then running my fingers through spreading the colour down the hair. It’s hard to explain how, so you can see how I did the same technique in my blonde video, click the link.

Now once you’ve done all of the main colour, apply the roots. When doing this separate the hair as before but try to blend the colour down. There’s nothing nastier then block roots, and don’t be afraid if it seems like it’s spreading down into the normal colour. This will create the gorgeous ombre colour melt effect.

Once all the colour is applied, leave it for as long as you want. I honestly think I left mine for just under 2 hours, just so the colour will bake into the hair and stay there!

Once your ready to wash the colour out, try your best to use cold water. Washing it with cold water will keep the folicles closed in the hair so it will grip the colour better. Also try not to shampoo it, just condition it (IF NEEDED). I never ever shampoo hair once it’s been dyed, it’s potentially just washing away colour you’ve just caked in, in my personal oppinion. Also I don’t really condition the hair after it’s been dyed as most bright dyes (directions is a good example) have lots of conditioning elements in it so I wouldn’t worry about doing so.

And your finished result should be… GORGEOUS!

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial, remember to share it with your friends!

ZellaRoseWigs Review – Goldilocks!

Wig Reviews

Hey everyone! So today I am reviewing a new wig company called ZellaRoseWigs, and my god the wigs are absolutely gorgeous! If you want to check out their wigs then the link is below;


So the wig that I bought from them is called Goldilocks, which is a gorgeous shoulder length blonde/brown wig with soft curls in it. The wig was £16 and the postage was really cheap and it turned up super fast!


The wig has a customisable fringe which you can easily change between a full fringe and a swooped side fringe. In these photo’s I have brushed out the curls and there still lovely and wavy. I think my favorite thing about this wig would have to be the colour. Normally I go for really bright crazy colours but this suttle mix of browns and blondes is gorgeous.


This wig currently isn’t on the site but If i wanted a wig similar I would go for their wig called ‘Cinders’, which I’ll link below.


I hope you enjoy this review and there will be more to come! ❤

Milkshake Review by LushWigs!

Wig Reviews

Hello everyone! So today we are going to be reviewing Milkshake by Lush Wigs!

Now Milkshake is my first bob wig from Lush Wigs (if you exclude noir, which is a curly wig) and I was very reluctant in buying her. To be completely honest, I only bought her on compulsion butt I am so glad I did.

She is a suttle pink bob and I can honestly say it is the smoothest wig I have ever received from them. I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks now and it’s not knotted at all and it’s such a cute little wig, I’ve had this wig for months now and it’s still amazingly thick! The only thing I hate is that I want to buy more bob wigs!

If you want this wig it’s only £24.99 and well worth the price!

If you want this wig then click the link below;


Thanks for reading x

Colour Freedom Hair Dye ***REVIEW***

Hair Dye Reviews

Hey everyone. Today I’m going to be reviewing ‘Colour Freedom Hair Dye’.

Now the colour I used was Poppy Red and it cost me £8.99 which is extremely pricey! The bottle is 150ml which according to their packet is ‘extra large’ when in reality it doesn’t feel like a lot when applying it to my hair and I only put it in the bottom of my hair.

I applied this dye over a dull orange/blonde mix of hair and it didn’t dye my hair red at all, it’s just gone an extremely bright orange colour. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt how it turned my blonde bits orange, but it’s still not red! It has a good conditioning effect but my hair feels very dry at the ends, bearing in mind my hair isn’t dead because they are brand new extensions!

The link below is the application of the dye and the result;

Overall I think this dye wasn’t worth the money at all. Compared to the colour it said and the fact you can pasteurize this colour it must turn a pretty pale colour if the effect on hair with the normal dye is the bear minimum. Defiantly going to stick with Directions hair dye next time.