Wig Reviews

Why is this hair out of this world? Yes it’s called Nebula, but it’s because it’s GORGEOUS. 

Today we’re reviewing the gorgeous wig from Black Candy Fashion Wigs named Nebula. 

The minute I saw this I knew I had to have it. Purple, ombré and curly. Yes yes yes! The length of this wig is perfect for me, and the waves in this wig are really cute, making it look glamorous for everyday looks and going out at night. 

This wig is officially my most favourite hair on the planet and I’m trying to grow my hair into this style. 

If you want this gorgeous wig click the link below. 

Now go buy it and tell them I said hi!


ZellaRoseWigs Review – Goldilocks!

Wig Reviews

Hey everyone! So today I am reviewing a new wig company called ZellaRoseWigs, and my god the wigs are absolutely gorgeous! If you want to check out their wigs then the link is below;


So the wig that I bought from them is called Goldilocks, which is a gorgeous shoulder length blonde/brown wig with soft curls in it. The wig was £16 and the postage was really cheap and it turned up super fast!


The wig has a customisable fringe which you can easily change between a full fringe and a swooped side fringe. In these photo’s I have brushed out the curls and there still lovely and wavy. I think my favorite thing about this wig would have to be the colour. Normally I go for really bright crazy colours but this suttle mix of browns and blondes is gorgeous.


This wig currently isn’t on the site but If i wanted a wig similar I would go for their wig called ‘Cinders’, which I’ll link below.


I hope you enjoy this review and there will be more to come! ❤