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I'll admit it, I can't stop dying my hair purple. It's my feel-good colour and I feel so cool with it, especially when I can rock my purple eyebrows. When creating the purple hair colour of awesomeness I use Colour Freedom Mystic Purple. This is my go-to hair dye for purple hair for many reasons;… Continue reading COLOUR FREEDOM MYSTIC PURPLE

Hair Dye Reviews

Schwarzkopf Purple Punk Live Review

Hello there everyone. So today I will be reviewing the Schwarzkopf Live Purple punk colour and needless to say... It is not purple.. I bought this in the hope of having vivid purple hair without having to spend a lot of money and I guess you buy cheap you buy twice. My hair was a… Continue reading Schwarzkopf Purple Punk Live Review

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Rimmel London Provocalips Review

Hello there everyone! Today I am going to be reviewing the Rimmel London Provocalips Lip Colours. I will be reviewing 3 shades, including shades; Not Guilty (Dark Red), Skinny Dipping (Nude Brown), and Dare To Pink (Baby Pink). These lip colours are generally £6.99 and this lip colour is available in 11 Shades. The lip… Continue reading Rimmel London Provocalips Review

Hair Dye Reviews

Graphite Grey Colour Freedom Review.

Hello everyone! So today I will be reviewing the hair dye 'Graphite Grey' by the company Colour Freedom. Created by Knight & Wilson, Colour Freedom are a new brand of semi-permanent hair dyes that contain Shea Butter and Argan Oil to help “nourish, protect and add natural looking shine as your hair is infused with… Continue reading Graphite Grey Colour Freedom Review.

Hair Dye Reviews

Mermaid Hair with Colour Freedom!

Hello everyone! Today I will be discussing how I achieved this GORGEOUS blue colour melt ombre look by using the Truely Blue by Colour Freedom. So if you want to learn how to re-create this gorgeous mermaid hair then keep on reading! So the first vital step to achieving this look is to have a… Continue reading Mermaid Hair with Colour Freedom!

Hair Dye Reviews


Hello everyone! So today I am giving a certain product a second chance because I feel like being nice for a change, hehe! So long story short the product I am giving a second chance is Colour Freedom Hair Dye! So last time I used this product it was a disaster, Instead of having lovely… Continue reading Colour Freedom SECOND CHANCE REVIEW!

Hair Dye Reviews

Colour Freedom Hair Dye ***REVIEW***

Hey everyone. Today I'm going to be reviewing 'Colour Freedom Hair Dye'. Now the colour I used was Poppy Red and it cost me £8.99 which is extremely pricey! The bottle is 150ml which according to their packet is 'extra large' when in reality it doesn't feel like a lot when applying it to my… Continue reading Colour Freedom Hair Dye ***REVIEW***

Hair Dye Reviews

BLEACH LONDON REVIEW – ‘Out Of The Blue’ Hair Colour & Washing Out Liquid.

Hey everyone! So today I will be reviewing two products by Bleach London. First is the hair dye, which the one I used is 'Out Of The Blue' which is meant to be a bright vibrant blue colour, and the 'Washing Out Liquid' which is meant do be a hair colour remover as such. Now… Continue reading BLEACH LONDON REVIEW – ‘Out Of The Blue’ Hair Colour & Washing Out Liquid.