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Why is this hair out of this world? Yes it’s called Nebula, but it’s because it’s GORGEOUS. 

Today we’re reviewing the gorgeous wig from Black Candy Fashion Wigs named Nebula. 

The minute I saw this I knew I had to have it. Purple, ombré and curly. Yes yes yes! The length of this wig is perfect for me, and the waves in this wig are really cute, making it look glamorous for everyday looks and going out at night. 

This wig is officially my most favourite hair on the planet and I’m trying to grow my hair into this style. 

If you want this gorgeous wig click the link below. 

Now go buy it and tell them I said hi!


Mermaid Hair with Colour Freedom!

Hair Dye Reviews

Hello everyone! Today I will be discussing how I achieved this GORGEOUS blue colour melt ombre look by using the Truely Blue by Colour Freedom.


So if you want to learn how to re-create this gorgeous mermaid hair then keep on reading!

So the first vital step to achieving this look is to have a good base to put the colours on. The blonder the better, but when doing this process please make sure NOT to over bleach/colour remove your hair. As much as bright colours are gorgeous, no one wants a damaged mane of hair. I did this look on a wig, but it is as easy on your own head, I’d say easier on your own hair as your not trying to balance a polystyrene head on a camera tripod when dying the hair!


This is the base colour I had to work with then putting the blue on. If you want to see the video of how I turned it from a yellow to a cool blonde check out the link.

So starting with this blank canvas of blonde hair is the first step. the second step is mixing the colours. Now as stated earlier, I used the Truely Blue by Colour Freedom and I mixed the colour up with conditioner in different ratio’s. For the lighter blue, I’d say 4-5 parts conditioner 1 part dye. And for the roots I used 1 part conditioner 1 part dye. You can guesstimate what colour it will turn out by the colour of the dye when mixing. If it’s really white or the lightest blue possible, it’ll be really light. If it’s deep and dark blue, it’ll be a deep dark blue. So my main colour was a minty blue colour, and my root colour was a dark blue, looking very similar to what the dye looks like on it’s own but more of a runny consistency to it.

Next step is application. I did the main colour first, separating the hair into layers and dying, missing out the roots. DYE THE TIPS WITH YOUR MAIN COLOUR. This is important, just do it, trust me. When it comes to separating the hair, I do it just in layers like I’m separating towels, painting each towel and then running my fingers through spreading the colour down the hair. It’s hard to explain how, so you can see how I did the same technique in my blonde video, click the link.

Now once you’ve done all of the main colour, apply the roots. When doing this separate the hair as before but try to blend the colour down. There’s nothing nastier then block roots, and don’t be afraid if it seems like it’s spreading down into the normal colour. This will create the gorgeous ombre colour melt effect.

Once all the colour is applied, leave it for as long as you want. I honestly think I left mine for just under 2 hours, just so the colour will bake into the hair and stay there!

Once your ready to wash the colour out, try your best to use cold water. Washing it with cold water will keep the folicles closed in the hair so it will grip the colour better. Also try not to shampoo it, just condition it (IF NEEDED). I never ever shampoo hair once it’s been dyed, it’s potentially just washing away colour you’ve just caked in, in my personal oppinion. Also I don’t really condition the hair after it’s been dyed as most bright dyes (directions is a good example) have lots of conditioning elements in it so I wouldn’t worry about doing so.

And your finished result should be… GORGEOUS!

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial, remember to share it with your friends!

BLEACH LONDON REVIEW – ‘Out Of The Blue’ Hair Colour & Washing Out Liquid.

Hair Dye Reviews

Hey everyone! So today I will be reviewing two products by Bleach London. First is the hair dye, which the one I used is ‘Out Of The Blue’ which is meant to be a bright vibrant blue colour, and the ‘Washing Out Liquid’ which is meant do be a hair colour remover as such.

Now firstly I’ll speak about the Washing Out Liquid because that is the first product by the Bleach Range. The product says that it removes unwanted hair colour that is left after washing it out. Now my hair was an extremely faded lilac colour and I used this Washing Out Liquid in the hope it would remove the remains of the colour and it didn’t take the slightest colour out, it just made my hair feel straw like and matted. The only good thing about this is that it doesn’t smell of horse poo unlike the Colour B4 hair colour removers.

Now the hair colour I was insanely disappointed with. The colour is meant to be a bright teal blue and I was really exited to dye my expensive brand new extentions ombre blue and black but no, I dyed it and my hair has gone bright purple, no joke.

???????????????????????????????This is the colour that it turned out like. Bearing in mind I have a bright light shining on my hair and the flash on my camera to bring out the colour because it’s turned a really dark purple. I would’ve thought that the dye being such a big brand and £5 for a little bottle of dye, I’d atleast expect it to go at least a hint of blue, or even bright.

Overall from trying 2 different products from Bleach London I’m appalled at the quality of these products and how they can sell them I don’t know. Such a shame as I was really exited to use these products.

Overall 2/10 on the Dill Scale.

Atlantic Blue Hair

Hair Dye Reviews

Hey everybody, here’s a little post about Atlantic Blue Hair. Now this is a very old video but I’m trying to do tutorials on each time I’ve done my hair so I hope this helps!

Basically, When I did this I put the dye on over faded blue hair, but the best way to do it (IN MY OPINION) is to do it over blonde/platinum hair. When doing this, the lighest the hair the brighter the colour. When I did this look, I used Atlantic Blue by Directions. It only costs a fiver and I personally think it’s the best brightly coloured dye to use because it’s a vegetable dye, so it doesn’t have any nasty chemicals in.

Also, a good suggestion when using this is to use gloves, as I didn’t and I had lovely blue smurf hands for a few days.

If you watch the video, you’ll see how I do it properly so I hope you enjoy this post and the video.