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Why is this hair out of this world? Yes it's called Nebula, but it's because it's GORGEOUS.  Today we're reviewing the gorgeous wig from Black Candy Fashion Wigs named Nebula.  The minute I saw this I knew I had to have it. Purple, ombré and curly. Yes yes yes! The length of this wig is… Continue reading OUT OF THIS WORLD HAIR

Hair Dye Reviews

Mermaid Hair with Colour Freedom!

Hello everyone! Today I will be discussing how I achieved this GORGEOUS blue colour melt ombre look by using the Truely Blue by Colour Freedom. So if you want to learn how to re-create this gorgeous mermaid hair then keep on reading! So the first vital step to achieving this look is to have a… Continue reading Mermaid Hair with Colour Freedom!

Hair Dye Reviews

BLEACH LONDON REVIEW – ‘Out Of The Blue’ Hair Colour & Washing Out Liquid.

Hey everyone! So today I will be reviewing two products by Bleach London. First is the hair dye, which the one I used is 'Out Of The Blue' which is meant to be a bright vibrant blue colour, and the 'Washing Out Liquid' which is meant do be a hair colour remover as such. Now… Continue reading BLEACH LONDON REVIEW – ‘Out Of The Blue’ Hair Colour & Washing Out Liquid.

Hair Dye Reviews

Atlantic Blue Hair

Hey everybody, here's a little post about Atlantic Blue Hair. Now this is a very old video but I'm trying to do tutorials on each time I've done my hair so I hope this helps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsV-KJwyXxc&feature=gp-n-o&google_comment_id=z133hzb5ewb4xzfrd04chn35cvqhyhfahek Basically, When I did this I put the dye on over faded blue hair, but the best way to… Continue reading Atlantic Blue Hair