Wedding Diaries – An introduction.

So on my blog and on my YouTube channel I will be doing a series called the 'Wedding Diaries', where I discuss all aspects of planning our wedding and what we are doing for it. I thought this would be really interesting because for those of you that don't know, we got engaged at Islands... Continue Reading →


I got engaged!

Hello everyone! It's been ridiculously quiet on my blog as of late because I've been away on holiday and been working non stop since I've come back but I wanted to update the blog with a happy post telling you all that I got engaged! We were in Islands of Adventure, the first day of... Continue Reading →

Dog Tooth Trousers

Well I never thought that I would've grown out of the extremely high waisted skinny jean phase but looks like I'm starting to. I always thought that Marks & Spencer's was a mature lady shop when it comes to clothes but looks like it's not! Either that, or my mental age is getting worse (bearing... Continue Reading →

Blush by ZellaRoseWigs

Hey everyone! So today I will be talking about a wig I bought from someone on Depop which is Blush by ZellaRoseWigs! Soon as I received this wig in a bad condition, I will be talking about the wig as a whole not so I can't comment on it brand new! So after fixing all... Continue Reading →

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