I got engaged!


Hello everyone! It’s been ridiculously quiet on my blog as of late because I’ve been away on holiday and been working non stop since I’ve come back but I wanted to update the blog with a happy post telling you all that I got engaged!

We were in Islands of Adventure, the first day of the holiday and we were both so exited for the holiday to start! We had spent the whole day there and we had just gotten off the Jurassic Park water ride (which made me look like I had an accident, friendly advice don’t wear light coloured shorts on water rides) and I wanted to meet the raptor. I absolutely adore the Jurassic films and I was so exited like a little kid. We got to the front and he proposed! I was so overwhelmed, not only did the man of my dreams propose to me I had a raptor trying to eat me at the same time!

It was such an overwhelming experience but I’m safe to say it’s the coolest engagement I’ve ever seen! The raptor will be invited to the wedding!

There will be new posts up soon so thanks for hanging around!


Dog Tooth Trousers


Well I never thought that I would’ve grown out of the extremely high waisted skinny jean phase but looks like I’m starting to. I always thought that Marks & Spencer’s was a mature lady shop when it comes to clothes but looks like it’s not! Either that, or my mental age is getting worse (bearing in mind I’ve started crocheting).


I’ve always liked the look of a turtleneck shirt with high waisted trousers that hang around the ankles and some funky shoes to show off, but I never thought I’d ever in a million years wear that.



Thankyou Marks & Spencers!

Simple Facial Wipes Review #FEELGOODSKIN

Makeup Reviews

Hello there everyone, so today I will be reviewing the simple facial wipes for the first time ever! I’ve never tried these before until now and I am please to say I was pleasantly surprised!

So this is all the makeup these wipes had to get off. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner, foundation, gelled brows and oily skin.

This was my skin after one wipe! I’ve had oily skin really bad recently and my spots are incredible but using one facial wipe I got rid off all mascara and eyeliner and brows easily. It’s made my skin feel really smooth and non oily as well which I LOVE.

I give these wipes 10/10!

Blush by ZellaRoseWigs

Wig Reviews

Hey everyone! So today I will be talking about a wig I bought from someone on Depop which is Blush by ZellaRoseWigs! Soon as I received this wig in a bad condition, I will be talking about the wig as a whole not so I can’t comment on it brand new!


So after fixing all the knots in this wig (from the seller not the company) the wig is just gorgeous. This wig is uber long and it’s a perfect subtle pink/salmon colour with blonde highlights.

I got the curls as good as it can get (due to the seller state) but they are subtle waves and you can see that in the pictures on the site. For someone like me who hates tight curls this wig is perfect from the waves in it.

The fringe and parting it an excellent quality, I love the fact it has a skin parting on it where as most synthetic wigs they don’t have one so this is a great feature in the wig.

I’d seriously reccomend this wig, it’s so pretty it’ll make you blush! (Get it? Lol). Also for Β£22 this wig is an absolute bargain, in my opinion it’s worth more then that price.

If you want to buy this gorgeous wig the link is below;



Thanks for reading!


Rachael x