Wig Restoration.

Life Hacks


Wig restoration can be a difficult task to do, especially depending on how bad the wig is. Recently I recieved a wig through the post from a girl (who was meant to be a reputable blogger) and it was in an absolute state.


As you can see from the photo, the wig is completely knotted and matted. The condition of this wig was awful and I didn’t want my money to go to waste.

The first step is to try and get as much knots out as possible. Starting from the botom of the wig, gently brush upwards towards the wefts in small stroking motions untill as much of the knots has gone. Starting from the bottom and progressing upwards ensures that more knots aren’t created and the knots already there don’t get worse.

Once you’ve got most of the knots out then it’s time to boil it. Place boiling hot water inside of a washing up bowl/sink and pour about 1-2 capfulls of fabric softner in. Leave for about 10 minutes then take out and put on a wig head until the wig is fully dry. Make sure you don’t brush the wig until it is fully dry then keep repeating this process until the wig is nice and soft.

Once it’s nice and soft it should look nice and new!


I hope this tutorial is helpful for any of you with dillema wigs, if this has been helpful then please give it a share!

Rachael x


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