Keeping your Bunny cool in the summer.

Life Hacks

Hello there everyone! So today I thought I’d write a post showing my tips and tricks on keeping your bunny cool in the summer season. Now in the UK we’ve just had 2-3 days of intense heat (which is very unusual) and my poor bunny is very fluffy so keeping her cool and hydrated is very high priority.

Figuring out whether your rabbit is getting hot and overheated is pretty simple and there’s a few signs you should look out for;

  1. Ears. A easy indicator whether your bunny is getting too hot is to feel their ears. If the inside of their ears is extremely hot then it’s time to cool the bun down!
  2. Loss of appetite. If you’re trying to give your bunny it’s food or even it’s favorite treats and it’s just not eating anything then it can be an indicator whether your bunny’s hot.
  3. Weak/Slow. If your bunny is really slow or seems exhausted then this is a sign of it being overheated.
  4. Acting confused. Now this could be a tricky one to detect because my bunny is daft as a brush, but if your bunny is just flopped over, uninterested in attention or playing then it could be a sign of overheating.



Now it can be tricky to cool down your rabbit in such hot temperatures, especially if your rabbit is an outdoors rabbit so here’s my top tricks to cooling them down.

  1. Icy socks. Yes, you’re reading that correct. Icy socks is a quick easy way to cool down the bunny in such hot temperatures. Obviously you don’t want to give them an ice cube straight out the tray as it’ll melt everywhere and make their fur wet so putting several ice cubes inside a sock and tying the top up is a cool ‘cushion’ for your rabbit to flop over on and to feel the cool cubes.
  2. Icy bottle. This is a great idea I thought of and it’s so simple but so effective. Filling up a bottle of water and placing it in your freezer. Obviously it will take a long time for all the water to freeze but if you do this at night when the weather forcast is saying high temperatures the next day the bottle should be fully frozen. Simply place it into your rabbit’s hutch or run and it’s a perfect cooler for your bun to flop out on.
  3. Shade. Shade is your bunny’s friend (if your rabbit is an outdoor rabbit). Making sure your rabbit’s hutch isn’t in direct sunlight is essential in your rabbits welfare as temperatures could rocket in their hutches and bedrooms and they’ll be stuck in a furnace of a hutch. Moving the hutch into a shady area will be a top step to a cool bunny. In our case, we moved the rabbit hutch under a big tree which is constantly shady throughout the day so whilst at work the bunny is nice and cool.
  4. Constant fresh food supply. Making sure your rabbit is eating lots is essential in keeping your bunny hydrated. Foods including celery or watermelon is a good tasty treat for your rabbit which is full of water keeping them hydrated.
  5. A good brush. If your rabbit is very fluffy like mine is then brushing them can even help get rid of excess fur and keep them nice and cool.

So that’s my top tips of keeping your bunny nice and cool in the hot summer, I hope this is helpful!

If you want to see my bunny and more pictures then follow her on instagram! @poppythebestbunny



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