How To Shrink Your Stretched Ear

Life Hacks

Hey there everyone! So today I am going to be writing a post that has been extremely highly requested and it’s how I shrunk down my stretched ear.

Now if you’re like me and you was an idiot when you were younger and stretched your ears you know that it was a mistake and you wan’t to reverse it, but then you’ve realised how pricey it is to remove. In the past year the price has gone from £1750 to around £600-£800, which is STILL expensive even though it’s has a reduction of price.

Now from me researching my options in surgery, I found that it was more expensive the bigger your ear size was. My ear was a maximum of 30mm, so I needed it shrinking and fast. My ear now is currently around 10-12mm so it’s shrunken a hell of a lot. Now I found it’s very difficult to shrink down your ears and it takes absolutly forever to shrink them by just taking the plugs out so I’m going to discuss my fast way I shrunk it down!

Now this product is your pathway to normal(ish) ears and it might suprise you…


Hemmeroid Cream!


Yes, it sounds as ridiculous as it looks but the science behind it and my logic when thinking this method up actually worked!

So without being graphic, the science behind this cream is that it is meant for hemmeroids and piles, so it ‘shrinks’ things. (The most ungraphic polite way of describing it).

So if it shrinks ‘things’, then why wouldn’t it shrink my ear? At the end of the day, it’s TECHNICALLY stretched damaged skin so I thought I might as well have tried it and it worked!

I applied this cream all over the stretched lobe and let it soak in. I’d do this every couple of days for a few months and it shrunk my ear down! My advice for doing this is to not wear plugs AT ALL. Any pressure pulling on your lobes will obviously stretch them, even including heavy hoops so no jewellry on the stretched ear will help the process as well.

This doesn’t fully heal your ears by any means. Stretching my ear to 30mm obviously has damaged my ear for the long run but this is just a quick easy method for making your ear look less ‘flappy’ and more presentable.

I hope this helps any of you that are wanting to shrink your stretched lobes, if it has please give this post a like! Thankyou for reading!

Rachael Dilly. x


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