My Top 3 Wig Companies

Wig Reviews

Hello there everyone! Today I thought I’d write about a highly requested topic that I’m always asked which is “What’s your favourite wig companies?”.

This list is in no particular order, it’s just the ones I trust and that I know that sell amazing quality wigs!

I chose my top favorite 3 for everyone!

NOTE – This post is not sponsored. I just want to share my views and oppinions!


  1. Lush Wigs


Lush Wigs is always a company close to my heart. There range of wigs is amazing and I give the owner their dues, I struggled to name my rabbit so how they’ve thought up of all the creative names for the wigs is incredible! The site has a feature on it where you can have your own account where you can earn points when buying wigs and it has a wish list section which tells you if the wigs are in stock or not, which is extremely handy!They have a free wig fridays section which is a weekly competition which I love, and an amazing range of standard wigs and lacefronts!


2. Zella Rose Wigs


ZellaRoseWigs has the most gorgeous lacefront wigs I’ve ever laid my eyes on, also at a really amazing price too! The company is run by one of the lovelies ladies I’ve come across and if you want an affordable lacefront then this is the place for you! The shop sells standard wigs, lacefront wigs and all new hair chalk which looks fab on wigs (which I really want to buy).



3. ScaredyBratWigs


ScaredyBratWigs is an amazing company that sells a gorgeous variety of lacefront and standard wigs. All their wigs are amazingly prices and amazing quality. There customer service is fantastic and they also have a wishlist option (which I didn’t realise until now I can’t believe I didn’t know!).



Thanks for reading! Remember to check out these gorgeous wigs and buy all their wigs! Woohoo!



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