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Hey everyone! So today I will be talking about a wig I bought from someone on Depop which is Blush by ZellaRoseWigs! Soon as I received this wig in a bad condition, I will be talking about the wig as a whole not so I can’t comment on it brand new!


So after fixing all the knots in this wig (from the seller not the company) the wig is just gorgeous. This wig is uber long and it’s a perfect subtle pink/salmon colour with blonde highlights.

I got the curls as good as it can get (due to the seller state) but they are subtle waves and you can see that in the pictures on the site. For someone like me who hates tight curls this wig is perfect from the waves in it.

The fringe and parting it an excellent quality, I love the fact it has a skin parting on it where as most synthetic wigs they don’t have one so this is a great feature in the wig.

I’d seriously reccomend this wig, it’s so pretty it’ll make you blush! (Get it? Lol). Also for Β£22 this wig is an absolute bargain, in my opinion it’s worth more then that price.

If you want to buy this gorgeous wig the link is below;


Thanks for reading!


Rachael x



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