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Hey there everyone! Today I woke up at 8:30am just to make sure that I was awake for when the postman comes wig this wig, much exite much wow.

Today I present to you… The Elsa lacefront from ZellaRoseWigs.


Firstly… The length. Wow. This wig is a whopping 24 inches long and a crazy thickness to this wig. I’m 5ft3 and this wig is down to my bum. It’s crazy the length and for people that like long wigs this will be a dream for you! If your using this wig for cosplay purposes (example if your braiding her for elsa) this length will be perfect.

This wig is a hand tied, lace front wig and it has an adjustable cap – for added comfort and security. The thing I loved the most is that it has a MASSIVE area lace front so that parting can be altered and personalised. It goes back quite far and I’ve never had a wig with so much lace, it’s amazing.


The hairline on this wig is incredible. Look. Just look at it. It’s the most natural thing I’ve seen since… my own hairline hehehe. Seriously investing in lacefront glue/strips to stick this gorgeous wig down and look like the blonde bombshell I am inside (I wish).


This is the wig after I gave it a little trim and it still looks absolutely gorgeous! I’ve pinned the front back to show off the gorgeous hairline and I’m wearing the cute headband that she supplied me so thankyou again for that!

This wig is definatly a 5 out of 5 rating wig. I’m wanting to buy every single colour of this wig now.Β The wig is Β£42.50, the average price for a lacefront but for this quality I’d happily pay more!

This is the link below for this gorgeous wig, go buy it!


Thanks for reading, much love!

Rachael Dilly x




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