Bathory by Lush Wigs Review

Wig Reviews

Hello everyone! So today I recieved the wig called Bathory by the company Lush Wigs.


So this wig is 65cm long and straight out of the bag the wig has tight curls going all the way down the wig. I feel like this wig has a beehive type top on the top of the wig and the colour of the wig is a gorgeous natural brown wig.

The material of this wig is Synthetic high temperature fibre so it can be easily straightened up to 180 degrees if you want to try and straighten it.

I feel like this wig is a proper princess wig with the beehive and the curls going down and I’m tempted to tie the back of this wig up and use it as a Belle wig from Beauty and the Beast.

When I first got the wig I was really confused about the top of the wig as I didn’t expect it to have a beehive and I’ve never had a beehive style wig before, but after realising what it was meant to be I knew the potential of this gorgeous wig.

If you want to buy this wig then the link is below;


Thanks for reading!

Rachael x



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