Graphite Grey Colour Freedom Review.

Hair Dye Reviews

Hello everyone! So today I will be reviewing the hair dye ‘Graphite Grey’ by the company Colour Freedom.


Created by Knight & Wilson, Colour Freedom are a new brand of semi-permanent hair dyes that contain Shea Butter and Argan Oil to help “nourish, protect and add natural looking shine as your hair is infused with brilliant colour.”

The price that I paid for the dye was £7.99 from superdrug which you can purchase below;

I have been looking everywhere all over the internet (Even on Peta) to see if this brand is cruelty free and I’ve seen people on instagram say it is but not seen any concrete evidence saying it is so I’m a bit wary at the moment and I’ve got my fingers crossed that it is cruelty free.

I’ve used Colour freedom’s colours before, including the colours; Pink Pizzazz, Magenta Dream, Red Poppy and Misty Grey. Now comparing these dyes to the Metallic Glory range I feel like it’s more of a ‘chemically’ dye, where as in the normal dyes it’s just the one bottle which feels more of a conditioner then a hair dye, the Graphite Grey dye included 3 parts, a conditioner packet (which I found unusual as I was expecting just the one bottle conditioner consistency like the other dyed), a developer and a colour.

Once mixing up the dye and placing it on my hair, it has a 20 minute developing time and then an easy rinse and conditioner. I feel like this dye doesn’t stain as normally when I was my hair with ‘unusual’ colours it stains my ears/neck and there was nothing at all which was a pleasant surprise.


The above photo was the before colour of my hair, a very white blonde which is extremely similar to the ‘recommended hair colour’ on the side of the box.


Excuse the coldsore, but this was the finished result and I’m absolutely ecstatic about the result! It’s not too dark, I was paranoid it was going to be really dark/near black soon as the dye is quite dark but it’s gone the perfect colour I wanted it. It’s not made my hair feel frail/straw like (like most box dyes would) and I’m defiantly going to use this again!

Thankyou for reading, Lots of love

Rachael Dilly x


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