Erin Lacefront by ScaredyBratWigs Review!

Wig Reviews

Hello everyone! So today I’m finally getting round to the swing of things after christmas,new year and my mystery rash so I thought why not start it off with a wig review? Woohoo!

So this wig I am reviewing today is a gorgeous lacefront wig. I’m trying to venture more into lacefronts and broaden my horizon in trying to find quality wigs at affordable prices and I’ve found a beauty of one here!


This wig is a lacefront wig from the company ScaredyBratWigs. From what I’ve researched they are a new wig company that started up late 2015 and this wig is called Erin.
The price of this wig is Β£45.99, at this price for a high quality lacefront I’d be happy to pay!
Now for those that know me you know that I’m not the biggest fan on extra long or extra curly hair hur with this wig I was happily surprised.
The colour of this wig (as you can see in the picture above) is a gorgeous ombre effect wig, starting black at the roots and going into a subtle grey colour. For those who are into the trend of grey hair then this wig would certinally be the wig for you. From experience trying to find a grey wig that doesn’t look really unnatural and wiggy is quite difficult and I feel that this wig looks as natural as you can get! After brushing the curls out of the wig it gave a gorgeous mermaid like hair where it was wavy and gorgeous!
I’m 5ft3 and the wig goes just up to my belly button so when it’s blowing in the wind it looks so magical.

Me being the wig enthusiast and thinking I’m a good hair stylist (which I’m not) i restyled this wig and it still looks amazing.


I straightened the wig and it straightened amazingly. By the feels of the wig its a high quality synthetic fibre and my straighteners gleamed through it without difficulty or any frizzing/burning.
I trimmed her up to my shoulders and it still looks reallt natural.
I’m not THAT experienced with lacefront wigs so I haven’t glued this wig down but it does have grips inside of the wig so it wont blow off. The lace is also very sturdy and fitting so there’s no bits where it’s rolled up anywhere so no seeing your natural hairline if you have hair.
My only downside is that because I have a small head I cant tie this wig up in a high ponytail, but if I had a normal sized head this would be easy to do so as the lace is going all around the hairline around you’re face.
I would rate this wig 4.9 out of 5 and extremely recommend!
If you want to buy this wig, then the link is below.

I hope you enjoy this review and remember to follow this blog for more reviews!


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