ZellaRoseWigs Review – Goldilocks!

Wig Reviews

Hey everyone! So today I am reviewing a new wig company called ZellaRoseWigs, and my god the wigs are absolutely gorgeous! If you want to check out their wigs then the link is below;


So the wig that I bought from them is called Goldilocks, which is a gorgeous shoulder length blonde/brown wig with soft curls in it. The wig was Β£16 and the postage was really cheap and it turned up super fast!


The wig has a customisable fringe which you can easily change between a full fringe and a swooped side fringe. In these photo’s I have brushed out the curls and there still lovely and wavy. I think my favorite thing about this wig would have to be the colour. Normally I go for really bright crazy colours but this suttle mix of browns and blondes is gorgeous.


This wig currently isn’t on the site but If i wanted a wig similar I would go for their wig called ‘Cinders’, which I’ll link below.


I hope you enjoy this review and there will be more to come! ❀


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