WigsWay.co.uk Is A Giant Scam!

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Hello everyone. Today is going to be a massive rant where I moan about a company that has scammed me over, hopefully it’ll help other people to stop buying from them.

It all started on the 29th July 2015. I came over wigsway after looking for a human hair wig at an affordable price. I shaved my head for macmillan and wanted a wig for work, now that may not seem a big deal but having a respectable smart appearance at work is one of the things that will keep me employed! Anyway, I wanted a bob wig that was preferably blonde so I could put a colour underneath the wig and suprise suprise I found a wig. The wig was called an Online Medium Straight Auburn HUMAN HAIR WIGS, as you can see in the image below.


After seeing this wig, I felt it would be perfect for work, stating it’s ‘lightweight’, that you could choose the colour and it was 100% remy human hair, so I then paid for the wig, paying through paypal.

The wig took nearly 2 weeks to apparently ‘make’ this wig. If your making an expensive wig, I would personally assume to make 110% sure that I am putting the correct hair in the wig. A wig takes on average (In my experience) 1-2 days to make so making a wig throughout that period of time would’ve noticed it’s the WRONG HAIR.

When the wig turned up I decided to try and straighten it to see if it was human hair. I then did a dye test on them. You can see me doing this in the link below; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjGjYm7TNV0.

It was 100% plastic. I used bright pink hair dye there wasn’t even a tint of pink in there.

When I found this out I automatically contacted them. They responded saying this was very ‘rare’ but they could only offer me £10. £10! I was so angry about it so I opened a case with paypal.

It’s been nearly a month and all I’ve gotten is £20 and to keep the wig. It’s the biggest scam ever and I can’t even explain how annoyed I am.

wigsway 1

As you can see, It’s not just me that it’s happened to. I don’t think this company realises that there are people that need a good human hair wig due to medical reasons, and scamming them is just pure scum of the earth.

So that’s my little rant about it. Please don’t buy from this company and be made an idiot like me!


2 thoughts on “WigsWay.co.uk Is A Giant Scam!

  1. they got me as well! They need to be stopped everytime I see someone posting one if there wigs on eBay I email them! I also email other wig company’s in China that can stop them


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