Hair Dye Reviews

Hello everyone! So today I am giving a certain product a second chance because I feel like being nice for a change, hehe! So long story short the product I am giving a second chance is Colour Freedom Hair Dye! So last time I used this product it was a disaster, Instead of having lovely red hair I turned into a orange, Literally a giant orange! Sot his time I used the colour ‘Pink Pizzazz’ which is a purple pink colour, instead of choosing the magenta colour which has a more orangey tone to it, in the mind frame of that If I use a colour that doesn’t have an orange tint in it won’t go as orange? My colour Logic is appalling, but hey ho!

Less blabbering about the colour spectrum, I filmed the whole experience so if you can’t be bothered to read all of this, then you can click the link below;

Bearing in mind I dyed my hair when It was purple I thought this would help make it not go orange as I feel I’m scarred from the last experience, it looked like this.


After leaving the hair dye on for 30 minutes and washing it out, the colour came out like this.


So as you can see it didn’t go bright pink but that is to be expected when my hair was purple in the first place but in the sun it is a vivid pink colour and I’m really impress with the result… BUT it has dyed my natural hair at the sides, me being a messy dyer got some on the sides of my head where my natural brown hair is and now I have vivid pink spots everywhere… So atleast we now know the dye works on natural hair!

Thankyou for reading, hope you enjoy my second review!


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