Cocktail Review by Geishawigs!

Wig Reviews

Hello everyone! So today I thought I’d do a review about Cocktail by Geishawigs.

Now I’ve been thinking about what am I going to do once Geishawigs closes down as most of my posts on here are about Geishawigs wigs, and I have a genius idea, I’ll review wigs! I’ve been looking around the internet for wigs websites and I’ve found quite a few that have geishawigs dupe wigs on that I will buy and review to see if they are the same quality of geishawigs, fingers crossed they will be as I’ll cry *boohoo*.


So Cockatil is this absolutely gorgeous pink and purple ombre wig. The colours are so vivid as you can see in the picture above, that photo is without any editing (also on my snazzy new camera, woohoo)! The wig when I got was curly but to my surprise I actually liked the curls. Now for those who have been following me on this blog for some time you know that I don’t like curly wigs, but this one was al right! I think maybe because they were more like beachy waves on this wig maybe? Either way I ended up straightening up and it didn’t straighten very well, it’s still wavy. Β The length of this wig is 65cm so it’s just past shoulder length and it has a set middle partnering.


Now due to Geishawigs closing down you won’t be able to get this wig off their website but as soon as I find a dupe for this wig I will post it below, as I will be buying another!

Thankyou for reading! x


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