Colour Freedom Hair Dye ***REVIEW***

Hair Dye Reviews

Hey everyone. Today I’m going to be reviewing ‘Colour Freedom Hair Dye’.

Now the colour I used was Poppy Red and it cost me £8.99 which is extremely pricey! The bottle is 150ml which according to their packet is ‘extra large’ when in reality it doesn’t feel like a lot when applying it to my hair and I only put it in the bottom of my hair.

I applied this dye over a dull orange/blonde mix of hair and it didn’t dye my hair red at all, it’s just gone an extremely bright orange colour. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt how it turned my blonde bits orange, but it’s still not red! It has a good conditioning effect but my hair feels very dry at the ends, bearing in mind my hair isn’t dead because they are brand new extensions!

The link below is the application of the dye and the result;

Overall I think this dye wasn’t worth the money at all. Compared to the colour it said and the fact you can pasteurize this colour it must turn a pretty pale colour if the effect on hair with the normal dye is the bear minimum. Defiantly going to stick with Directions hair dye next time.


4 thoughts on “Colour Freedom Hair Dye ***REVIEW***

  1. I was just curious as i have recently invested in the silver blonde so need to know if its good before i use it haha… did you apply it to wet hair as thats what the instructions suggest and make sure there are no products on your hair?? Its so expensive I really don’t want to waste the money x


    1. The silver didn’t change my brand new extensions at all used the directions silver and its changed a bit but not the silver I wanted


  2. I am super upset. I am a beautiful violet but when he left the colour callendo I am green, I do not understand why it is that pigmentation in your hair if it is not a permanent colour. Now I am fighting to get a green one of my hair is already three bleachings it would not have been able to get that green tone. I do not recommend it for anything in the world is a fake the worst thing I ever used.


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