BLEACH LONDON REVIEW – ‘Out Of The Blue’ Hair Colour & Washing Out Liquid.

Hair Dye Reviews

Hey everyone! So today I will be reviewing two products by Bleach London. First is the hair dye, which the one I used is ‘Out Of The Blue’ which is meant to be a bright vibrant blue colour, and the ‘Washing Out Liquid’ which is meant do be a hair colour remover as such.

Now firstly I’ll speak about the Washing Out Liquid because that is the first product by the Bleach Range. The product says that it removes unwanted hair colour that is left after washing it out. Now my hair was an extremely faded lilac colour and I used this Washing Out Liquid in the hope it would remove the remains of the colour and it didn’t take the slightest colour out, it just made my hair feel straw like and matted. The only good thing about this is that it doesn’t smell of horse poo unlike the Colour B4 hair colour removers.

Now the hair colour I was insanely disappointed with. The colour is meant to be a bright teal blue and I was really exited to dye my expensive brand new extentions ombre blue and black but no, I dyed it and my hair has gone bright purple, no joke.

???????????????????????????????This is the colour that it turned out like. Bearing in mind I have a bright light shining on my hair and the flash on my camera to bring out the colour because it’s turned a really dark purple. I would’ve thought that the dye being such a big brand and Β£5 for a little bottle of dye, I’d atleast expect it to go at least a hint of blue, or even bright.

Overall from trying 2 different products from Bleach London I’m appalled at the quality of these products and how they can sell them I don’t know. Such a shame as I was really exited to use these products.

Overall 2/10 on the Dill Scale.


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