How to tone/achieve Lilac/Pastel Purple Hair.

Hair Dye Reviews

Hey everyone, today I’m going to explain how to achieve lilac/pastel purple hair.

Here is the video on how I achieved the look, and I shall explain how I achieved the look below;

Firstly YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE LIGHT BLONDE/PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR! I cannot express how much this is an essential. If you are toning your hair for the first time it needs to be as light as possible or else it will not work. Now as my hair was pretty pastel anyway I was just topping up the colour.

The dye I used is ‘Violet’ by Directions. This is normally a rich bright purple colour so when creating the toner I put around half a teaspoon of dye into conditioner. The conditioner I used is Alberto Basain Coconut Conditioner, which I have used for months because of it’s really good nourishing ingredients inside. Now in the video I put it on lightly and combed the dye through, but the 2nd time I did it I just slapped it all on and found it applied on easier.

I hope you enjoy this video and blog post!


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