Atlantic Blue Hair

Hey everybody, here’s a little post about Atlantic Blue Hair. Now this is a very old video but I’m trying to do tutorials on each time I’ve done my hair so I hope this helps!

Basically, When I did this I put the dye on over faded blue hair, but the best way to do it (IN MY OPINION) is to do it over blonde/platinum hair. When doing this, the lighest the hair the brighter the colour. When I did this look, I used Atlantic Blue by Directions. It only costs a fiver and I personally think it’s the best brightly coloured dye to use because it’s a vegetable dye, so it doesn’t have any nasty chemicals in.

Also, a good suggestion when using this is to use gloves, as I didn’t and I had lovely blue smurf hands for a few days.

If you watch the video, you’ll see how I do it properly so I hope you enjoy this post and the video.


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